The Best Non Slip Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands and Feet


The Best Non Slip Yoga Mats for Sweaty Hands and Feet

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We twisted, stretched, and downward dogged our way on some pretty slippery and sweaty surfaces to find the best non slip yoga mats with excellent cushion, grip, and traction.

No one has ever drowned in sweat.

But I know a few who have slipped out of their downward dogs during a heated Vinyasa. ūü§£

I am not ashamed to admit:

I am one of them.

I sweat freely. I glisten.

And this is how my yoga classes usually go:

As soon as my hands and feet start to warm up, and the sweat starts dripping down, my yoga mat magically transforms into a water slide.


I love breaking a nice sweat, but I hate it when I can’t keep a steady flow or go deeper into my poses.

Here’s the thing …

Yoga sessions do get clammy and unbalanced if your mat is not grippy enough.

And like me, if your hands are slipping on your yoga mat, you’ll be sliding all around the place and tumbling over.

But let’s be honest …

Even the most advanced yogis come out of a sweat-inducing Bikram with sopping wet t-shirts.

After all, yoga is meant to purify and detox your body from toxins through sweat.

So how do they excel at transitioning from pose to pose with proper form and total balance?

The difference is their yoga mat.

Most expert yogis know what a good yoga mat is. It provides a stellar grip and total stability.

If you want to bring a more connected feel to your practice, don’t let your sweaty endeavors become a distraction.

Get a sturdy and sticky yoga mat with a good grip that can hold your hands and feet static and firmly grounded.

It will help you ease your flows for better form and total balance.

After trying the Gaiam sweat proof yoga mat, I felt in total control.I was transitioning and springing on the mat without hurting my bony bits.

While Gaiam works for me, I believe a yoga mat should be unique for each yogi based on personal preferences like:

  • Material
  • Allergies
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Hygienic properties
  • Thickness
  • Support for sensitive knees and joints
  • Price range
  • Portability
  • And of course, the design and colors

That’s why my team and I have tried a few yoga mats to figure out which ones provide:

  • Good stability
  • Cushion to protect your knees and back
  • Anti-slip surface
  • Moisture-wicking surfaces
  • Proper grip
  • And easy to clean material

Without further ado, here are the best non slip sticky yoga mats for sweaty hands and feet that will help you flow steadily through every pose.


The best non slip yoga mats at a glance

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1. Gaiam DRY-GRIP 5mm non slip yoga mat

Rated as one of the best non slippery yoga mats from online reviewers.

Best Pick

Get $10 OFF by using the “FITFABS” Code at the SACRED Yoga Shop.

are cork yoga mats non slip

10. Hugger Mugger non skid rubber yoga mat

Made from Cork, this skidless yoga mat provides excellent traction to prevent slip.

Here’s what I will cover in this article:

  • Why you get slippery hands during yoga
  • How to pick a yoga mat
  • What are yoga mats made of
  • How to choose the best nonslip yoga mat
  • How to make your yoga mat less slippery
  • How to stop slipping on your yoga mat
  • Best yoga mat for sweaty hands and feet
  • How to clean your yoga mat

Why do you get sweaty hands during yoga?

are all yoga mats non slip

Sweaty palms, sweaty feet, sopping wet tops …

I get it all.

To be honest, it only takes me 2 sun salutations to break a sweat, and after 10 mins, I am dripping wet.

So how do you stop slipping on your yoga mat?

Look, every yoga class is a dangerous mix of slip-n-slide, twists, stretches, folds, and balances.

Such body moves are bound to elevate your body temperature, wringing out your insides to accumulate heat in sometimes poorly-ventilated studios, making your sweat glands beg for mercy.

But don’t panic!

You’re not the first yogi to sweat your asanas.

Yoga sessions are meant to be sweaty because they purify your muscles and organs to release toxins through sweat.

non slip yoga mat for hot yoga
Sweaty hot yoga session

It may not be pretty if you’re one of those glisteners, but sweating is like a double-edged sword.

You want to sweat because it feels glorious after a hard workout, but at the same time, you don’t want to feel drenched in your own bodily fluids.

Remember, sweating during a workout is actually a good thing.

Unless, of course, if it causes you discomfort and makes your practice dangerous where you fear slipping out of your poses and losing balance.

This is why it’s essential to have the right equipment like a wide non slip yoga mat.

Since the yoga practice is all about control and balance, your sweaty palms and feet mustn’t skew your poses.

Especially for the downward dog, one of the most sweat-infused asanas, you want to make sure your legs, arms, and core are pushing into that mat with good stability.

What you want is a sturdy mat with a grippy surface that can brace your sweaty hands and feet during your Bikram class.

With a good anti slip yoga mat you’ll love breaking that sweat with secure confidence.

And even better, it will protect your joints during may poses preventing injuries.

So if you’re a sweaty betty, don’t let it bother you.

Say goodbye to slippery experiences with a slip resistant mat and start flowing through your asanas without fear and anxiety.

How to choose a non slip yoga mat

8mm non slip yoga mat

1. Look for stability

If you have sweaty hands and feet, the most important thing you want in a yoga mat is good traction and grip in both wet and dry conditions.

Regardless if you’re practicing in a humid forest, an exotic resort, or a heated studio, you want a mat that sticks firmly to the ground and doesn’t shift underneath.

You want a mat that helps you maintain a downward dog even if you’ve spilled a glass of water on top.

And also, no amount of jumping or sitting should move it from its position.

2. It has to be a non skid mat

Good stability, combined with a good non-skid factor, makes your mat even better for rigorous classes like Vinyasa.

You don’t want a mat that moves sideways on wooden floors, which can also be slippery.

Non skid yoga mats have textured surfaces that grip the floor for maximum stability.

3. Material is important

Material is the most important deciding factor when it comes to picking a good anti sweat yoga mat.

Because it’s the material that provides the sweat-wicking properties and the grip and stability all combined.

Besides, a yoga mat is just one piece of material without any other parts.

So you need to understand the different materials and make a choice based on your yoga style and also personal preferences. (more on yoga mat materials below)

4. Texture provides better grip

A yoga mat’s surface texture determines the amount of grip and traction it has.

If you sweat a lot, you need a mat with a grippy texture that will keep you from slipping around.

Yoga mat textures can vary from entirely smooth to downright rough and bumpy.

But you’ll find plenty of mats with various textures that’ll suit every whim.

5. Good cushion prevents your bones from hurting

An ultra thin yoga mat on a wooden floor will hurt your knees and protruding bones during challenging postures.

Cushion is essential to help you hold steady balances.

If you struggle with balance and have a genetic predisposition, chances are you’ll be sweating hard during your workout.

A 5mm thick padded yoga mat can help you with a soft cushy texture to help your hands and feet stay static.

6. Always go for a wide or large yoga mat

A wide thick non slip yoga mat will provide plenty of space for free movement and maximum stretching.

It essentially allows you to mark more territory in the studio, and you can comfortably stretch out without reaching the edge.

If you struggle to perfect your postures in heated and sweaty classes, sometimes a bit of extra space can make things a lot more pleasant.

extra long thick yoga mats

Gaiam extra long yoga mat

NOTE: Please select the Black XL Version for the 78 inch X 26 inch mat.

What thickness yoga mat should you go for?

best cheap thick yoga mats review
Choosing a good yoga mat thickness and adding padded cushions.

Choosing the thickness for a yoga mat depends on a few things:

  • Your style of yoga practice
  • Portability
  • Durability

If you’re a free spirit who loves to go on yoga retreats, you may consider a thin yoga mat like the Lululemon travel edition.

This mat is thin 1-2 mm, and it can roll up tightly and fold up to fit in a luggage or duffel bag.

While lightweight yoga mats are easier to tote around, the big trade-off is that they are not as comfortable as thick sticky yoga mats.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to find the right balance between portability and thickness.

Because very few options deliver both.

I’ll personally stick to a 5mm yoga mat for everyday use, and if I do need to travel, I’ll keep a light yoga mat separately just for that.

Thick yoga mats

5mm Yoga Mats

5mm is the standard thickness I recommend for yogis.


Because it provides enough cushion, and the material is slightly heavier, which makes it stick to the floor without moving.

If the mat is too think, say 3mm, it won’t have enough cushion for your bones.

If you go too thick, it will get a bit wobbly during balancing poses.

A 5mm heavy yoga mat will also not feel squishy under your feet which helps for standing poses.

Being heavy and dense, it stays exactly where you put it.

And the best part?

It won’t wear out as fast as most lightweight yoga mats do.

How thick are yoga mats Expand

  • Light travel size: 1mm – 3mm
  • General size: 5mm
  • Thickest: 8mm

Best thick yoga mats 5mm

8mm yoga mats

8mm yoga mats are for those who like to double up their mats during classes because of weak joints and bones.

These extra thick mats provide the additional support for your knees, joints, wrists, ankles, and hips while going through challenging poses, but they are not necessarily good for balancing poses.

Another thing to note is that thick yoga mats are heavy to carry around.

But if your joints need the extra cushion and support, thick non slip yoga mats are a no brainer.

You can also use extras like yoga pads for your hands or bolsters.

Once you get used to them, you’ll master the balancing poses as well. It’s all about practice.

Best extra thick yoga mats 8mm

Materials: What Are Yoga Mats Made Of

top rated yoga mats for hot yoga

One of the most important factors when choosing a slip resistant yoga mat is the material it’s made from because that has a direct implication on comfort, grip, cushion, portability, and eco-friendliness.

It’s also important because some people may have latex allergies.

Therefore some type of rubber and PVC mats must be avoided.

And since yoga is all about mindfulness and being planet-friendly, you want to choose an environmentally-friendly and biodegradable mat.

Let’s have a look at the different material yoga mats are made from and figure out which one will work best for you.

PVC nonslip yoga mats

A PVC mat for yoga is made from Hydrocarbon (plastic).

The material composition includes Phthalates that keep the plastic malleable and smooth.

But the problem with PVC is that it is a known carcinogen and contains many toxins that make it impossible to recycle.

It’s also important to note that Phthalates are dangerous endocrine disruptors.

In fact, they are banned from kids’ toys due to their toxicity.

Phthalates harm children‚Äôs health and development by interfering with natural hormone functioning and have been linked to birth defects in baby boys, testicular cancer, liver problems, and early onset of puberty in girls ‚Äď which is a¬†risk factor for later-life breast cancer. Department of Human Services
Office for Prevention of Developmental Disabilities -

You don’t want to be lying around and sweating on this kind of material for sure.

The only real benefit of PVC slip resistant mats is that they last longer than most materials.

PVC mats also have high density and better cushioning, resistance, and comfort, making them the most popular skid proof mats, therefore non slippery.

But as good as they may be in terms of practicality, PVC is one of the most toxic materials and does nothing to give back to the environment.

It can take up to 1000 years to biodegrade.

So avoid PVC mats, as they also have a strong lingering odor of plastic.

PVC mats are also closed cell yoga mats that don’t need regularly deep clean as rubber mats do.

Rubber non slip yoga mats

Rubber padded yoga mats are better alternatives to PVC because they are made from highly renewable resources.

The rubber materials are harvested from the Para trees in sub-tropical climates such as Southeast Asia and Brazil.

It’s important to note that these trees are not cut down to manufacture the mats. Instead, thin slices are cut from the tree’s bark to create a milky latex, which is then refined into rubber.

Rubber is a highly renewable resource and can be harvested for up to 30 years.

Rubber materials are excellent because they produce the best cushioned yoga mats due to their springy nature.

A rubber grip mat has open-cell structures that make the mat absorb moisture to keep you from sliding.

However, the only problem with rubber is that it contains latex, which is not suitable for people with latex allergies.

So please note:

If you are allergic to latex, you should choose a non rubber yoga mat or a latex free yoga mat.

While some rubber mats market themselves as 99% latex free, it’s not a risk worth taking as there are plenty of alternatives out there.

Latex-free yoga mats

If you have latex allergy, avoid rubber mats.

While natural rubber mats tend to be less slippery and sweat proof, they also contain latex as a byproduct of their manufacturing process.

Latex allergy is a reaction to certain proteins found in natural rubber latex, a product made from a milky fluid from rubber trees. If you have a latex allergy, your body mistakes latex for a harmful substance.

Latex allergy may cause allergic reactions ranging from skin irritation to anaphylaxis, a potentially life-threatening condition.

Mayo Clinic

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastometer)

TPE materials are made from Polyester, Polyurethane, or Polyester compounds injected with other products.

For example, TPE can sometimes be a combination of plastic and rubber.

But most of them are made with man-made polymers combined with thermic plastic.

What I like about TPE mats is that they offer recyclable options.

While TPE doesn’t contain any PVC or latex, it’s still manufactured using heat and chemical processes and pretty much classified as a synthetic.

TPE is usually lightweight, highly elastic, and pretty easy to clean.

And the best thing about TPE is also is excellent traction against sweat in both wet and dry conditions.

PER (Polymer Environmental Resin)

PER is made from PVC.

But it doesn’t contain any harmful additions like phthalates and other emissions required to turn PVC into workout mats.

PER mats are recyclable, and they won’t release any toxins when incinerated.

Foam – Soft yoga mats

Nothing compares to the comfy squishiness of a foam mat under your bare feet.

Foam mats are super lightweight to tote around and also budget-friendly.

While being synthetic may not appeal to you, it has the advantage of being latex-free and phthalate-free.

Some people may like the bobbly textured surfaces, I personally didn’t like them as you had to break into them before they could provide any grip and stickiness.

Cork yoga mats

If you find your yoga mat curling at the ends irritating, then go for a non slip cork yoga mat.

Cork has a naturally robust construction, which allows it to lay completely flat.

Cork yoga mats are also 100% sweatproof and don’t accumulate bacteria and odors.

The only downside to cork yoga mats is that they tend to be heavier.

That’s why, to minimize the weight, cork yoga mats are not as wide as other mats.

If you prefer a lot of space, then a cork mat will not work for you.

Hybrid yoga towel mat

A hybrid towel yoga mat is essentially a yoga mat with a sweat resistant towel attached to the surface.

What’s good about it is that you can easily throw it into your washing machine for a refresh.


Microsuede surface mats provide a luxe-feeling and extra grippiness to brace sweaty hands.

When you see a mat labeled as microsuede top, it usually means the bottom is made from rubber or TPE, and the top surface is layered with faux suede to give it a towel-like grippiness.

While these mats do work well for sweaty sessions, their luxurious feel makes them more comfortable for a restorative or yin practice.

To prevent microsuede mats from smelling, they should be stored with the fabric side out in a cool place.

So what’s the best non slip yoga mat material to get?

I would recommend TPE or PER.

What else to look for in a good yoga mat?


Outdoor yoga and exotic retreats have been on the rise over the last few years.

And with Instagram exploding with jet-set yogis, travel mats have become more popular than ever.

While an extra large, heavy yoga mat may work well for studio workouts, its weight and size may not make it ideal for toting around.

If you travel a lot for your yoga sessions, consider getting a lightweight yoga mat, preferably with a carry strap.

A portable yoga mat should also be easy to roll up tightly and store in your luggage.


You don’t want a yoga mat that starts to peel and flake after a few months.

A good quality yoga mat should last for at least a couple of years without showing any signs of wear and tear and color fading.

Especially if you sweat a lot, you want a sweat-absorbent mat and resistant to tears and crumbles after high-intensity workouts.

Eco-friendly and biodegradable

We all have a duty to protect the environment and give back to it in some way.

And the products you buy can make a big difference.

Imagine this for a second:

The mat you’ve been using every day is made from PVC and toxic plastic chemicals.

When you decide to get rid of it, it ends up in a landfill where it’s incinerated.

Think about how much toxic gases it would release and how long it would take to decompose?

That’s why to protect the environment, you should opt for an eco-friendly and biodegradable yoga mat.

Look for a yoga mat that can be recycled and is free from zone-depleting substances.

Easy to clean or washable

Sweaty yoga mats can get funky fresh if you don’t store them in a cool, dry place after your workouts.

If you tend to drench in sweat and body oils after your practice, you need to look for a mat that can be easily sanitized.

For example, a mat that is easy to wipe and doesn’t need soaking in your bathtub with soap every time.

The best yoga mats for sweat are those with closed-cell structures that can repel moisture and bacteria.

Hybrid yoga mats (with a microfiber towel surface) are also good options, as you can throw them into your washing machine.


A reversible mat allows you to flip to a textured or non-textured surface, depending on your practice.

The dual-purpose design allows you to rotate the mat between the beach, home, or studio workouts without wearing out the mat.

Bonus point: They also tend to last longer than the average yoga mats.

Alignment lines

A yoga mat with alignment lines is like having a built-in yoga teacher.

It helps beginners to focus and perfect their moves.

If you struggle to keep your body in proper alignment during your classes, get a mat with these beautiful geometric marks that serve as intelligent guidance for yoga.

Cute yoga mats anyone?

Minions, Minnie, pastel colors, symmetrical mandalas …

Every girl loves a cute yoga mat.

If you browse through Amazon, there’s a huge variety of nice yoga mats out there that will undoubtedly tickle your fancy.

Here’s a cute one I found …

Best anti slip yoga mat brands

Now that we’ve covered all the essential features you should look for when choosing a yoga mat that doesn’t slip, let me show you our hand-picked selection and explain why they work.

Gaiam Dry-Grip non slip yoga mat

gaiam premium yoga mat review
This non slip premium yoga mat from Gaiam is our top recommendation.

The Gaiam dry-grip is the brand’s best selling yoga mat, boasting more than 900 positive reviews and counting.

A cult favorite among novices and experts alike, this premium thick non slip yoga mat is both lightweight and sturdy enough to help you stick any pose without tumbling over.

What I love about the brand is that they offer really basic but wonderfully reliable products that last without peeling, flaking, or fading.

All of Gaiam’s yoga mats are made from PVC.

But here’s how they are different …

Gaiam says that they don’t use 6 of the most harmful and toxic Phthalates used in standard PVC products.

And to make it even better, they don’t have any traces of rubber either, which makes them ideal for people with latex sensitivity.

With a topcoat finish designed closed cells, this mat wicks away moisture, repels germs and keeps away odors and bacteria.

You won’t have to worry about your mat feeling funky fresh.

In fact, I found it to be the easiest mat to clean.

All I needed was a yoga mat cleaning spray and a microfiber cloth to wipe it down, and boom, my mat was fresh and ready for my next class.

Compared to other slip proof mats, it proved to be the grippiest of all yoga mats, even in the hottest of yoga sessions.

You can throw yourself into deep postures thanks to its deep cushion and impeccable traction, which surprisingly improved as you sweat.

With a 5mm thickness, it prevents you from slipping as you move from the Downward Dog to Chaturanga.

Gaiam has 24 printed yoga mat designs that will infuse your Vinayasas with vibrant colors.

From peacock feathers to perfectly symmetrical mandala patterns in bright pastels, pick a design that suits your personality.


  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Dimensions: 68 inches x 24 inches (172.72 cm x 60.96 cm)
  • Material: PVC without harmful Phthalates
  • Moisture absorbent: Yes
  • Latex-free: Yes
  • Hot yoga: Yes
  • Eco-friendly: Yes
gaiam yoga mat also available in green color

Gaiam 5mm yoga mat

This Gaiam yoga mat is for sale and available on Amazon.

SACRED nonslip mat

non slip yoga mat for wooden floor

When we received the SACRED slip proof yoga mat for review, the first impression was WOW.

It looked gorgeous with the high vibration sacred eye design in the middle blended in the blue solid, shiny color.

It immediately felt energetic.

The material felt nice and super comfortable.

The core extra padded yoga mat has a high-density cushion that protects against sore knees and elbows.

Although not as thick as other mats in this category, at 3mm the material is still highly durable, and it’s manufactured to the very highest standards.

SACRED calls it the world’s grippiest yoga mat, and after testing it ourselves, we can vouch for the stability and maximum sweat absorption during a heated yoga class.

The mat has a reversible dual-purpose design that allows you to rotate sides depending on your practice type.

Use it to stretch on the beach, yoga in the park, or even for a pilates class. This mat is super versatile and delivers on its quality.

What we like most about SACRED is the fact that it ticks all the boxes for an eco-friendly mat.

Constructed with 100% recyclable, durable, and non-toxic materials, it’s natural rubber is also vegan-friendly.

However, since that mat is made from rubber, we would not recommend it to anyone with latex sensitivity.

This non-slip mat also features alignment lines.

And the beautiful design in the middle is the sacred eye with the 11 elements put together for energetic vibrations.

Through 11 universal elements, the Sacred Eye is vibrationally charged with frequencies of love, healing, and protection, acting as a portal to the infinite wisdom of the cosmic mind. SACRED Yoga
Online yoga mat shop -

The mat is also super easy to clean.

If you want an eco friendly non slip yoga mat that brings out the inner hippie in you, this is the one.


  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Dimensions: 72 inches x 26.7 inches (183 cm x 68 cm)
  • Material: Natural rubber
  • Moisture absorbent: Yes
  • Latex-free: No
  • Hot yoga: Yes
  • Eco-friendly: Yes

Get $10 OFF by using the “FITFABS” Code at the SACRED Yoga Shop.

Lululemon the reversible mat

non slip yoga mat kmart
The extra non-slip yoga mat from Lululemon.

The Lululemon non slip reversible yoga mat is one of the most popular out there.

If you search for the best yoga mats, Lululemon will undoubtedly show up time and time again as the brand to go for.

But does it live up to its expectations as the best grip yoga mat for slippery hands and feet?

We gave it a try, and this is what we found:

Lululemon is not a purchase you’ll want to make on a whim.

It’s on the pricier side, but the brand looks great with all the glorious colors they have on display.

They are definitely catchy, and it’s one of those things you’ll want to have.

But there’s one small problem.

All the mats we’ve tried have a strong scent like rubber tires.

Although the pungent smell will dissipate with time, it’s enough to put you off.

Another problem we found with Lululemon mats is that they get scratches and absorb oils easily, which leaves permanent marks.

But having said that, the scratches were only visible on the light color versions. On the dark ones, they were barely noticeable.

Despite the aesthetic flaws, the non slip yoga mat by Lululemon performed well under intense yoga sessions.

I give it top marks for being functional but won’t rate it high for its finish and aesthetics.

I’m sure the manufacturers are aware of such problems and are probably working to make tweaks in the newer versions.

But if you want a thick yoga mat that doesn’t bunch up, and gives you 2 different types of surfaces to flow on, this mat simply works.

The mat by Lululemon is an excellent sweat absorber, with a powerful grip that will prevent you from sliding mid flow.

The Lululemon non slip reversible yoga mat works well to keep you in place. But if you had to get one, I recommend going for a dark color.

I’ll happily put this forward as one of the best mats for hot yoga too.

Additional accessory you’ll love with this mat:


  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Dimensions: 71 inches x 26 inches (180 cm x 66 cm)
  • Material: Rubber and polyurethane
  • Moisture absorbent: Yes
  • Latex-free: No
  • Hot yoga: Yes
  • Eco-friendly: No

How To Clean Lululemon Yoga Mat:

Since the surface is smooth, you can simply use a yoga mat cleaning spray and wipe it down.

The mat also absorbs water, so it’s best when you decide to deep clean it in your bathtub, you allow it to dry for one day.

Caution: Do not leave it in the sun outside. It will discolor.

lululemon yoga mat sale

Lululemon yoga mat

Check the Lululemon reversible yoga mats reviews on Amazon

Aurorae Synergy

the best hot yoga mat

The Aurorae Synergy 2-in-1 hybrid yoga mat has a PER material bottom with a top layer of an ultra-absorbent microfiber towel.

While most mats require an additional towel for a hot yoga class, the Synergy comes with one built-in.

If you like to mix your practice between heated and non-heated, you can simply flip the mat over and choose your preferred side.

The cool thing about this mat is:

The more you sweat, the grippier it gets.

When we tested this out, we noticed we could focus on long holds and inversions without losing balance.

Another cool thing about this mat is that it didn’t bunch up, slide, or come loose as the class went on.

If you sweat a lot, you’ll be glad to know that this mat works better when it’s a little moist.

Now with all these bodily fluids and oils soaking up in the towel, you’re probably wondering …

That will surely stink after a few classes.

It will. But the good news is, you can throw it into your washing machine, and you can also line dry it.

The Aurorae Synergy is durable, lightweight, non-toxic, and doesn’t harbor any bacteria or odors.


  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Dimensions: 72 inches x 24 inches (182.88 cm x 60.96 cm)
  • Material: PER – No Phthalates, Phenols, PAHS, Latex or Rubber
  • Moisture absorbent: Yes
  • Latex-free: Yes
  • Hot yoga: Yes
  • Eco-friendly: Yes
yoga rug vs mat

Aurorae Synergy hybrid mat

The microfiber towel top makes this yoga mat not slippery.

Liforme anti slip yoga mats

slip free yoga mat

The Liforme mat has a unique GripForMe signature material designed by expert yogis.

Boasting a warrior-like grip and deep cushioning with its strong natural rubber base, this mat protects all your bony bits while you’re moving and jumping around.

The cleverly designed alignment lines also make the Liforme Original one of the best beginner yoga mats.

The Liforme brand prides itself on being friends of the earth. They do many charitable works to give back to communities like environmental protection, poverty, and animal care.

And this reflects positively on how they make their mats too.

All of their products are planet-friendly, and their mats come in different vibrant, energetic colors.


  • Thickness: 4.2mm
  • Dimensions: 72 inches x 26 inches (185 cm x 68 cm)
  • Material: Natural rubber and polyurethane
  • Moisture absorbent: Yes
  • Latex-free: No
  • Hot yoga: Yes
  • Eco-friendly: Yes

Prana yoga mat review

mint green non slip yoga mat

The Prana sticky mat is double-sided. A textured surface on one side makes it an excellent anti skid yoga mat for hard surfaces and outdoors.

With closed-cell construction, the Prana E.C.O prevents body oils, germs, and bacteria from absorbing over time.

I found this mat to be very hygienic and easy to care for in terms of cleaning.

Built with 100% Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE), the surface is also UV-resistant for outdoor sessions.

Looking at the material composition, we noticed that the mat did not have any toxic materials like Chloride and Latex.

And with a name like E.C.O, you’ll expect this mat to be environmental-friendly.

And it doesn’t disappoint on this front.

The Prana mat is 100% recyclable.

In terms of practicality and performance, it has the right amount of thickness. Not too plushy.

The traction was ok even in dry conditions, but we did experience some slipping as it got more humid.

So, if you are into serious hot yoga sessions, this mat will skew a little, making you unstable.

But overall, Prana is exceptionally lightweight and a beautiful mat to do your workouts on.


  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Dimensions: 72 inches x 24 inches (182 cm x 60.96 cm)
  • Material: TPE and lightweight PVC
  • Moisture absorbent: Yes
  • Latex-free: Yes
  • Hot yoga: Yes
  • Eco-friendly: Yes

Iuga pro non slip padded yoga mat review

mattress for yoga

The Iuga eco-friendly yoga mat is dual-textured with 2 different kinds of raised patterns.

It doesn’t pull or slip as you transition between poses. It stays firmly grounded, which is great.

The Iuga pro is also a sweat absorbent yoga mat that can be cleaned easily with an antibacterial spray.

You’ll immediately notice the generous thickness, which provides easy on the knees cushion and shock absorption.

It supports your spine and joints as you hold long poses, and it’s also designed for high impact workouts.

And for all earth-conscious yogis, you’ll be delighted to know that this mat is eco-friendly. Therefore it won’t clog up a landfill when disposed of or release toxic chemicals.


  • Thickness: 5mm
  • Dimensions: 72 inches x 26 inches (182.88 cm x 66.04cm)
  • Material: TPE and polyurethane – No rubber, no PVC
  • Moisture absorbent: Yes
  • Latex-free: Yes
  • Hot yoga: Yes
  • Eco-friendly: Yes

Heathyoga eco-friendly non slip yoga mat

non slip yoga mat eco

The Heathyoga Progrip non slip yoga mat is eco-friendly, light, and thick enough to provide adequate stability.

As a beginner, you’ll love the smart alignment lines guiding you as much or as little as you need.

Unlike other mats that have marks made with ink, the Heathyoga mat’s lines are laser printed. Even after years of use, they won’t fade.

Made from organic rubber, the mat is skin-friendly, non-toxic, odorless, 100% recyclable, and biodegradable.

Heathyoga also participates in a Green Earth Program, through which they participate by planting a tree for every mat that is sold.

This is an excellent initiative to offset the environmental impact caused by its products’ production and transportation.

On the performance and practicality side, the mat also scores high from our tests.

We immediately knew it was a good sweat resistant yoga mat when we took it for a spin in a Bikram class.

Two of us tried it, and we can definitely vouch that the meat won’t budge at all, even in the sweatiest of conditions.

I was proper dripping, but the mat was holding firm underneath me. I could still feel my feet gripping onto the mat as I stretched into a D Dog.

A non slip yoga mat with alignment lines that helps you focus and adjust your poses while you move …

It’s like a built-in teacher for newbies!


  • Thickness: 4.2mm
  • Dimensions: 72 inches x 26 inches (183 cm x 66 cm)
  • Material: Organic rubber
  • Moisture absorbent: Yes
  • Latex-free: No
  • Hot yoga: Yes
  • Eco-friendly: Yes

Manduka non slippery yoga mat GPR

manduka yoga mat slippery

The Manduka non slip mat is perfect for sweaty endeavors such as Bikram, HIIT, or hot yoga.

With its super traction control, you get a real sense of stability while jumping through an Ashtanga series.

It has enough stickiness and smoothness to help you flow with confidence.

The best part of these legendary yoga mats is that they are big and wide. At 180cm long and 66cm wide, it’s perfect for those who need a lot of space around or if you have long limbs.

The Maduka brand is also very serious about eco-friendliness.

That’s why their mats are made from natural rubber, non-toxic dyes, and zero-waste process during manufacturing.

The charcoal-infused natural rubber is also excellent at absorbing sweat to make sure there is no lingering odor.

The GPR mat also has 100% open airflow filters that make it the ultimate towel-less hot yoga experience.

In terms of performance, we found the Manduka mat to be grippy enough for dynamic classes.


  • Thickness: 6 mm
  • Dimensions: 71 inches x 26 inches (180.34 cm x 66.04 cm)
  • Material: PU natural rubber – Free of toxic chemicals
  • Moisture absorbent: Yes
  • Latex-free: No
  • Hot yoga: Yes
  • Eco-friendly: Yes
what kind of yoga mat should i buy

Manduka GPR hot yoga mat

The Manduka GPR non slip yoga mat is available on Amazon.

Hugger Mugger extra thick yoga mat

clever yoga better grip

The Hugger Mugger Para rubber yoga mat offers a 1/4 inch thick cushioned material.

It’s the ultimate mat for shock absorption and rigorous workouts.

We found it to be very comfortable on the knees, and it helped us stick to challenging poses without losing balance at all.

This XL size mat is 78 inches long and 28 inches wide, which is excellent for taller people.

It’s made from natural rubber and is 6mm thick.

If you want a mat that is strong, durable, big in size, grippy, well-cushioned, and slip-proof, look no further.

However, be warned, it’s quite bulky to carry around.


  • Thickness: 6mm
  • Dimensions: 70 inches x 24 inches (177.80 cm x 60.96 cm)
  • Material: Rubber
  • Moisture absorbent: Yes
  • Latex-free: No
  • Hot yoga: Yes
  • Eco-friendly: Yes

How to make a yoga mat less slippery

used yoga mats for sale

1. Choose a side and mark it

Choose your preferred side on the mat and stick to it.

This will help you break in the material to add the grippiness.

Just like a pair of new shoes, you need to break into them to feel comfortable.

And as Manduka puts it:

“Don’t wear it out, wear it in.”

If needed, make a mark on the side of the mat you’ll be using so you can stick to it for a few weeks.

2. Layer your mat

Most people do this to help add more cushion.

Layering your mat with a cotton towel adds the extra texture, comfort, and sweat absorbing surface that will prevent you from slipping.

3. Use a double sided yoga mat

Some mats have 2 surfaces that are different.

For example, one surface is smooth and the other textured.

Try both surfaces and see which one works for you.

4. Wash your mat more often

New yoga mats often have very smooth and polished surfaces.

The more you wash the mat, the more it will wear off the smooth polish, therefore making it more grippy.

5. Leave the mat out

Don’t keep your mat rolled up into a corner.

Leave it out flat in your corridor or a busy place where everyone is walking around. The idea is to make it feel used and worn out.

But make sure you give it a good wipe before taking it to your classes.

6. Use an anti slip yoga mat spray

Use a grip boost for a more secure hold.

The tacky spray keeps your hands dry all the time to make your yoga mat feel sticky and more secure underneath

This is an excellent product used by gymnasts, dancers, bodybuilders, and yogis to enhance their grip through sweat, rain, and high humidity.

7. Use a non slip yoga towel

Use a microfiber sweat-absorbing yoga towel next to you to wipe down sweat as the class goes on.

By keeping your hands and feet dry, you will minimize the risks of slipping.

Some yogis also use large towels on top of their mat to benefits from the non-slip texture.

Non slip yoga mat towels

hand slipping grip sweaty hanging on i can't hold

As I mentioned above, using a yoga towel on top of your mat can increase grippiness and traction, especially during a hot yoga class.

The Aurorae Synergy and Mika water-resistant mats are good examples of that.

Instead of buying a separate yoga towel, they have the towel built-in on the top layer.

And the best thing about hybrid towel-mats is that the whole thing can go into the washing machine and come out smelling fresh.

Using a towel will also help your mat stay clean and absorb less sweat and bodily oils, minimizing the need to wash more often.

Best non slip towels for yoga mats

Beginners best non slip exercise mat

If you are new to yoga, you don’t need to get the best brand of yoga mat out there.

All you need is something functional.

Here are the mat features I would recommend to a yoga beginner:

  • Good traction
  • Comfort
  • Stability
  • Cushion to protect your knees and bones
  • And smart alignment lines

To help you with that, I have hand-picked one of the best affordable yoga mats that ticks all the boxes for a beginner.

Best thin non slip yoga mat for carpets

which yoga mat to buy for carpet

If you’re doing yoga at home on carpet flooring, you don’t need a super thick mat.

That’s because the carpet provides enough cushioning.

You can work with light yoga mats like the 2 mm ones.

Caring for your yoga mat

1. Sanitize

Your yoga mat gets dirty even after one exercise session.

Although you may not notice it, scientists have been doing some research to find out just how much bacteria can live on a mat after your workout.

According to this report:

What’s living on your yoga mat?

… a yoga mat can contain 4 times more bacteria than a loaner in your studio!

So there you have it. Don’t wait until your mat starts to stink.

Clean it after every yoga session.

The rule is, the sweatier or dirtier your mat gets, the more important it is to clean it after every practice. Lauren Porat
yoga instructor and founder of YogaSpark. - Womens Health Magazone

The product I recommend to sanitize your yoga mat:

2. Do not leave to dry in the sun

Never leave your mat to dry in the sun outside.

Too much sun exposure will fade the color and potentially degrade the material, especially if your yoga mat is made from rubber.

Most yoga mats do come with instructions to keep out of direct sunlight.

3. Do not hang on a bar

Hanging you mat for too long on a bar to dry may cause permanent crease and folds in the middle.

Whenever you wash your yoga mat, leave it flat on the floor to dry.

Also, TPE mats tend to take the shape of how you store them.

So don’t fold them too tight when storing. Keep your mats loose.

Final thoughts

Don’t let sweaty palms slip you out of a downward dog.

Pick any one from our best thick non slip yoga mats to get started.

A stable surface to get your zen on will make you love your classes and ward off those awkward yoga oops moments.

[rich-snippet-review img=”” alt=”best non slip black yoga mat review amazon” title=”best non slip cheap yoga mats amazon” product=”Gaiam DRY-GRIP non slip yoga map” azon=”″ rating=”4″ reviews=”970″ cta=”Check Reviews”]Best non-slip yoga mat for sweaty hands and feet.[/rich-snippet-review]